Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Beauty Blogger

Hi everyone,
Just want to do a quick intro into who I am... my background and the purpose of this blog...

I am a Beauty and Holistic Therapist, owner of my own mobile beauty services  business for 8 years and I am a qualified makeup artist.... Like a lot of beauticians... these roles go hand in hand and you may then specialise in one or a couple of services... so for me... my passion is makeup... love the stuff... massage therapy  and waxing.

I also have a background  in Nursing and have been in Mental Health for 19 years.... I love helping people look and feel beautiful about themselves and strive towards personal development.

So I'm hoping to cover issues related to beauty,  health and well being;  such as body image, favourite  seasonal products and treatments, must have treatments and products, natural therapy, stress management and many more....
I will be doing a monthly blog so look out for it every month!

Next month's topic is about skincare routine... the importance of looking after your skin... and products that can help improve the skin's elasticity, tone and appearance. 
Until then... Ciao

Sunday, 9 June 2013

To make up or not to make up?

Most people wear make up to enhance their natural appearance. other reasons might be to hide an imperfection or camouflage a 'flaw.' I wear it because I love make up!I love the colours, the creativity that it can bring out in a person and love experimenting. 

So what is my favourite thing about make up? The colours ofcourse! I am into bright, bold and sparkly colours. My favourite colour is probably blue or purple-blue. But it is hard to narrow your choices to one colour; especially since you don't have too. 

The biggest advice I can about make up application is it is important to blend! Blending makes the difference in okay make up and a fabulous look! One of my great inspirations is Wayne Goss. He is brilliant at what he does and offers great tips on application techniques and tips. 

I will share my favourite look soon, so until then keep safe and have fun with colour!