Sunday, 9 June 2013

To make up or not to make up?

Most people wear make up to enhance their natural appearance. other reasons might be to hide an imperfection or camouflage a 'flaw.' I wear it because I love make up!I love the colours, the creativity that it can bring out in a person and love experimenting. 

So what is my favourite thing about make up? The colours ofcourse! I am into bright, bold and sparkly colours. My favourite colour is probably blue or purple-blue. But it is hard to narrow your choices to one colour; especially since you don't have too. 

The biggest advice I can about make up application is it is important to blend! Blending makes the difference in okay make up and a fabulous look! One of my great inspirations is Wayne Goss. He is brilliant at what he does and offers great tips on application techniques and tips. 

I will share my favourite look soon, so until then keep safe and have fun with colour!